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News | LTECH Successfully Listed on the A-share Market

Dec 07, 2022

Zhuhai Ltech Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Abbreviation: LTECH Technology, Stock Code: 832110) was officially listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange on December 6, 2022.

The listing ceremony was successfully held in the Renaissance Zhuhai Hotel. Zhuhai Ltech Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it officially issues stock shares to the unspecified qualified investors. As a China “Little Giant” enterprise, LTECH has dived deep into the intelligent lighting sector for nearly 20 years. The listing is an important milestone of LTECH and we will take this opportunity to make full use of our strengths to promote the development of the industry.

Mr. Lei Jianwen, Chairman of LTECH, said in the listing ceremony: It will open a new chapter for LTECH to make new development, deepen the internal reform and to further increase our market share and core competitiveness, hence consolidate the leading position in the industry. Under the guidance and support from all sectors of society, we will strive to achieve a new leap and gain new achievements. In addition, we will continue to emphasize the returns to shareholders and actively share the fruits of the LTECH’s sustainable development with our customers.


LTECH is a national high-tech enterprise, focusing on R&D of intelligent lighting control technology and product innovation. Since the founding in 2003, we have always adhered to technological innovation and kept innovating in the field of intelligent lighting.

For years, LTECH has insisted on providing customers with competitive and superior products. So far, we have developed two major product lines “intelligent LED drivers and LED controllers”, containing extensive products with great compatibility and superior quality to meet market’s various needs. At the same time, we have developed smart home products, some of which have entered the market. We also offered customers whole house smart solutions. With these three product lines closely associated, we increasingly become an all-round intelligent lighting solution provider for various fields.

About the future

Since the development of the Internet of Things and the implementation of Carbon Peak Carbon Neutral Policy in China, intelligent lighting has entered a period of rapid development. After getting listed on the stock exchange, LTECH management team will continue to put great efforts in organizing the team so as to enhance our core competitiveness and our business. To appreciate the support from all sectors of society, we will continue to make more progress in return. Meanwhile, we will actively promote the development of Human-centric Lighting and build healthy lighting environments. By adhering to focusing on technological innovation and improving lighting quality, we will stay committed to making healthy and intelligent lighting environments become normal.

LTECH will strive to be a globally leading brand of intelligent lighting solutions, making significant contributions to the global development of intelligent lighting.