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10W 350-700mA CC DALI Driver

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Model: DALI-10-350-700-F1P1
Dimming interface:  DALI
Dimming range: 0-100%,  LED Startup Current<0.1%
Input voltage:  100-240Vac
Efficiency: >79%
Output voltage: 3-24Vdc
Current Accuracy: ±3%
working temperature: -30℃~55℃
Dimension: 135x30x20mm(LxWxH)
Package Size: 140x24x23mm(LxWxH)
Weight (G.W): 90g
Sec. output:  
Pout(Max.) Vout(DC) Constant(DC)
1.05-8.4W 3-24V 350mA
1.2-9.6W 3-24V 400mA
1.35-9.9W 3-22V 450mA
1.5-10W 3-20V 500mA
1.65-9.9W 3-18V 550mA
1.8-9.6W 3-16V 600mA
1.95-9.75W 3-15V 650mA
2.1-9.8W 3-14V 700mA

*Make a highlight of the current wanted when you place order as the product has fixed output current.


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